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To Live And Dine Restaurant Reviews

Secret Pizza

Secret Pizza & Las Vegas’ Cosmopolitan

Secret Pizza isn’t so much a secret anymore like how everyone knows Victoria’s Secret .  Could someone please tell me what is Victoria’s Secret?  Anyways, Secret Pizza is located in the Cosmopolitan. 7/10 Service - 7/10 6/10 Presentation - 6/10 7.5/10 Flavors - 7.5/10 6.5/10 Decor - 6.5/10 6.5/10 Ambiance - 6.5/10 6.7/10 Summary The […]
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To Live And Dine Travel Tips

The Worst Vacation Resort Award Goes To Orange County’s Central Jail

This is probably the worst vacation resort EVER!  I’ve heard nothing but good things about this place.  I’ve been told by a lot of people the resort totally blows Barbados, St Lucia, Bora Bora, Maldives, and Fiji out of the waters.  Pun intended.  Everyone says it’ll change your life and make you view things in […]
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Tea and Crumpets at Olympic Gardens.

OGs.  This is my absolute favorite “exotic” dancer aka gentlemen club in Vegas.  It’s grimy and ghetto as hell, which makes it even more fun.  Did I mention trashy?  The ladies go upstairs for their male dancers aka single dads.  The perverted men stay on the first floor for their entertainment. 8/10 Service - 8/10 […]
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