DC based foodie.

Specialties: juices, acai bowl, travel, animals, and beaches.

Omnivorous_Meerkat & ToLiveAndDine

We will donate 15% of profits for any To Live And Dine® branded products sold through our website. In other words, we'll be donating 15% of profits if we sell anything with To Live And Dine® on it. It's as simple as that. Full donation policy here.

Made in the U.S.A.

We believe in employing Americans.  Our clothing with U.S. cities are made in the United States of America unless stated.
If you're looking for a T-shirt, we have women and men T-shirts for every city in the world.
Tank Tops
If you're looking for a tank top, we have women and men tank top for every city in the world.  Our women tank tops are tri-blend, so they're perfect for the beach, the gym, or hanging out on the couch.
Need something warm for Amazon Prime or Netflix nights?   Grab yourself a sweatshirt to cozy up with some pizza.

Everyday Essentials.

It's a simple T-shirt to wear.  It's an opportunity to represent your city and its food culture.  It could be DC, New York, Hong Kong, London, Melbourne, Los Angeles, or whatever you want to represent.

Home or Abroad.

Our t-shirts, tank tops, or sweatshirts are made to be worn around your city or on vacation.  Let the world know what city you're representing when it comes to the food scene.
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Our To Live And Dine® Products

We will be donating 15% of profits to Children Hospitals, 'feed the hungry', and women rights charities.  Please read our full donation policy here.
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