Taipei’s Chung-Shan Building & The Smell Of Rotten Eggs

The Chung-Shan Building is in the Yangmingshan National Park of Taipei, Taiwan.

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The building was used to host political events, ceremonies, and conferences.  The building was recently open up to the public.  When I say recent, I mean like 10 years ago.  It sits on top of a hill and the building is spectacular.  It’s white, red and blue like a lot of Western flags except this place isn’t Western.

There’s a huge theater hall where there’s a video about the history behind the building.   In addition, there’s a huge torii like gate in front of the building and the view of the city is pretty impressive.  The staff speak English; In addition, they’re all very kind and helpful.  There’s a guided tour with the entrance fee.  It was a few U.S. dollars if I remember correctly.  It’s a marvel to walk up the road except for the smell of sulfur.  Chung Shan’s grandness isn’t overpowered by the pungent rotten eggs smell.  To be honesty, I use the lovely aroma as cologne.

Chung-Shan’s highlight is the art work underneath the stairs.  The detail is gorgeous and the colors are very vibrant.  It reminded me of the good days at the raves.  *sigh*  The colors.  Lastly, it’s a must-stop if you’re visiting Taipei and Yangmingshan.  Also, please leave the air mask at home unless your teeth looks like a great white shark.

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