Is Taipei’s Martyr Shrine worth the trip?!

Taipei’s Martyrs Shrine is a pretty cool memorial.  They have guards who look fake and they stand there in full uniform without moving like Buckingham Palace.

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The funny thing about the live guards is people start touching them.  The guards get irritated and slam their guns then people jump.  It’s a really funny scene to watch since it occurs every 15 minutes.  My only regret is I didn’t get it on video.  It’s one of my few regrets in life.

The Martyr’s Shrine is a huge memorial.  It has a main temple after a quarter mile walkway.  The main temple has an amazing backdrop of hills and trees.  It looks pretty epic for those looking to take a picture of their back then leave the premise.

It’s a pretty impressive piece of architecture.  The memorial is dedicated to those who died in battle.  It’s a large open space like the Chiang Kai Shek memorial.  However, the Martyrs Shrine isn’t conveniently located in the city.  It’s in a pretty secluded area in Taipei where there isn’t many taxis.  I hated it cause I had to do a little walking and I hate exercise.

Furthermore, there’s a changing of the guard mid-afternoon.  The guards walk to the temple from the entrance.   Unfortunately, nobody is allowed into the main temple except for me.  Okay. I wasn’t allowed in there but they do allow photographs to be taken from the outside.

Lastly, it’s definitely not a convenient landmark.  There isn’t a convenient train stop, so a taxi is a must.  It’s not the most spectacular landmark in Taipei, but it does come with some comedic tourist moments.

Lesson of the day: Don’t touch the guards with the guns.  Seriously.

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