Will you have fun at the Shilin Night Market?!

Shilin Night Market is consider the most famous Taipei night market. It’s relatively clean and the vendors are more tourist friendly compared to the other ones.  

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Shilin Night Market is one of Taipei’s larger night markets.  The night market encompasses a few blocks with vendors scattered in the alleys and the front.  It’s filled with tourists and locals; it’s two blocks from the Jiantan station.  It could possibly rank in my top two night markets in Taipei.

Squid Vendor

I spent an hour here.  It still wasn’t enough time to see all the vendors in the area.   The vendors are everywhere.  They’re on the sidewalk, corners, store fronts, and hidden lane ways.  However, the lane ways were fully lit and it wasn’t like those shady alley ways where someone is ready to rob you.  To be honest, I didn’t see many cops in Taipei’s streets.  I think it was because they knew I was in town and my presence was enough to keep crime away.  I’m kind of a big deal.

The vendors sell all typical items seen at the Taipei night markets.  It includes the usual are boba milk tea, popcorn chicken, squid, potato swirls, fried chicken, toys, clothing, shoes, and unicorns.  I don’t think anyone can fully experience the night market without eating there.  There are many options and it would take centuries to devour every single goodness.  However, I do recommend the following two vendors:

  1. Boba Milk Tea – It’s a little cart right beneath the main billboard if you’re walking from the Jiantan station.  I finally got why my Taiwanese friends always brag about how shave ice and boba milk tea are better in Taiwan.  I always rolled my eyes.  However, I’m a believer now.  It’s truly better in Taiwan because it’s the perfect item to beat the weather.  The icy milk tea soothes the body from the harsh weather.  It’s kind of like how people throw coworkers under the bus to protect themselves.  It provides a defection.
  2. Hot Star Large Fried Chicken – The famous giant fried chicken.   It’s the size of my hand without being greasy like American fried chicken.  It still retained its crunchy and crispy batter without being dried.  It’s piping hot with a little salt and powder with spices.  The juicy chicken will burn your tongue if you’re not careful.  It’s like cheating on your lover.  You’re bound to get burn.
    Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

Lastly, Shilin Night Market should be the first night market to visit.  There are too many in Taipei to even count, but the Shilin Night Market is definitely one of the better ones in Taipei.  I had a great time being completely ignorant by pointing and refusing to eat things.  If there wasn’t a McDonald’s logo on it, I definitely wasn’t going to eat it.  Lastly, I’m from the Los Angeles where there are night market food festivals held.  However, they’re a joke compared to the Taipei Night Markets.

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