Top Things To Do & See In Seoul, South Korea

There are so many things to do and see in Seoul, South Korea.  It’s filled with cheap food, bars, art, museums, and culture. I’ve compiled a quick list.

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Seriously, I can fill my blog up with so many things to do and see in Seoul.  The city has everything and anything someone can possibility thing of doing while on vacation.  The only thing that’s missing is a beach, but they have the Han River running through the city.  The people are friendly and there isn’t much to not like about Seoul.

In addition, there’s a good number of people who speak English.  It makes it easy for Westerners to visit the city.  However, I’m well-versed in multiple languages like English and sign language.  My sign language skills consist of the “thumbs up” and the “middle finger”, so I can get pretty far in this world.  In addition, it’s a fairly cheap city to visit.

Without any further ado, here is a quick list of things to see and do while in Seoul, South Korea.

  • Namdaemun – It’s one of Seoul’s Eight Gates.  The area still has the Namdaemun Gate along with an abundant things to do. There are a bunch of bars, restaurants behind the Fraser hotel.  It also has a market next to the Namdaemun Gate.  If you’re looking to get trash and fat, Namdaemun is the area.

Namdaemun Gate & Seoul

  • Itaewon – Itaewon used to be a Western tourist area.  However, the locals are starting to take it back and it has become the prime nightlife district in Seoul.  The streets are packed with people bar hopping and drinking until they make some regrettable mistakes.

Itaewon & Seoul’s Night Life

  • Olympic Park – The venue where the Olympics were held.  Seoul has turned it into a public park filled with art sculptures, gardens, and the locals use the old sporting venues.  I don’t know why I came here because I am nowhere artistic, athletic or care for any trees except for weed.

Seoul’s Olympic Park & A Day Of Sculptures

  • Jongno-gu – The cultural district in Seoul.  It contains all the five palaces, Insadong, Jogyesa, and other significant Seoul landmarks.  It’s the perfect place to take  Instagram pictures to make it seem like your life is more interesting than it actually is.

Jongno-gu & Seoul’s Cultural District

  • Myeong-dong – It’s the hipper shopping district in Seoul.  The younger sibling of Gangnam who is a lot more fun and rebelous.  The shopping district has a number of street vendors, urban clothing stores, and a comfort food restaurants.  It’s perfect for those bad and boujee folks.

Myeong-dong & Seoul’s Shopping District

  • Gangnam – The upscale area made famous by Psy.  The place is filled with luxury clothing brands and cars I can’t even pronounce.  To be honest, I didn’t take any pictures because I felt like a peasant for using a flip phone.
  • Hongdae (aka Hongik University) – The college town in Seoul.  The area is filled with nightclubs, bars, pubs, and fried chicken restaurants.  The area is filled with culture.  They have a street art festival.  I can’t say anything bad about the area because I love fried chicken and street art.

Hongik University Street & Seoul’s College Town

  • Namsagol Hanok Village – Namsagol Hanok Village is a replica of old Korea.  It shows how Koreans live back in the day and it has a capsule buried in the hill to be open in later years.  Don’t tell anyone, but the time capsule doesn’t contain anything important.  How do I know?  I dug it up one night to find out.

Namsangol Hanok Village & Old Seoul

Those are a few things to see and do while in Seoul.  It’s a great city filled with a lot of culture.  I have to say it’s one of my favorite cities in the world because there is nowhere better to get drunk, eat, get drunk, and eat.  Plus, I can’t count the number of back pictures I have in Seoul.  Be on the lookout for them on Instagram.

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Mapo-Ok & Korean Seolleongtang