Best Restaurants In Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is filled with some of the best food in the world. The city is filled with great and cheap Korean restaurants; in addition there’s more to Seoul than KBBQ.

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Seoul definitely has some great food.  It’s said that the only other place that comes close to authentic Korean food would be in Los Angeles’ K-Town.  This is a list of the best restaurants I’ve eaten in Seoul during my five day visit to the city.  I literally loved everything I ate there; in addition, it’s pretty cheap to eat in Seoul if you find the right spots throughout the city.  The list consists of KBBQ, Dak Galbi, fine dining, chicken soup, and many more.  I don’t know how I was able to eat so much food in a short period of time.  Actually, I can and my weight gain was a direct result of it.

  • Chanyangjip – Chanyangjip has been in business since 1965. The little Kalguksu shop serves generous portions for about 5 USD. The grimy decor takes a backseat when it comes to the bowls of heaven. The restaurant has been awarded a Bib Gourmand by the Michelin Guide.  Pretentious!  Full review here.

Chanyangjip & Seoul’s Hidden Treasure

  • Tosokchon Samgyetang – Tosokchon is the best place to get samgyetang. The dish is supposed to be eaten in the summer time to fight the heat cause the Koreans believes the soup has medicinal purposes. Tosokchon is definitely a must stop for some authentic Korean food. It’s hot and soothing soup.  The medicinal purposes is similar to weed. Full review here.

Tosokchon Samgyetang & Seoul’s Legendary Chicken Soup

  • Gogung  – Gogung isn’t a cheap option. However, Gogung is a solid option for those looking for a colorful bibimbap option in Myeong-dong.  However, it’s quick and easy like me after a few drinks at the bar.

Gogung & Seoul’s Popular Bibimbap Restaurant Chain

  • Yoogane – Yoogane serves a very specialized dish in Myeongdong.  It happens to be one of my favorite Korean dishes — Dak Galbi.  The Korean comfort food is chicken KBBQ, but it’s served with cheese and a spicy sauce.  It’s the best Dak Galbi I’ve ever had.  I would seriously marry a Korean woman if she knew how to make this right.

Seoul’s Yoogane Dak Galbi & Myeongdong

  • Choi-ssi Ajeossi –  It’s in Myeong-Dong, which is one of Seoul’s main shopping areas and tourism districts.  Their specialty is Buddaejjigae aka Army Stew aka the Prison Spread aka disgustingly unhealthy but tasty as fuck.

Choi-ssi Ajeossi

  • Semaul Sicdang – Semaul Sicdang is a typical Korean BBQ spot in the back alleys of Namdaemun.  It’s steps from the Namdaemun Gate.  They serve some of the tastiest briskets and pork belly their side of the Pacific Ocean.  They even stayed open later for my fat ass to eat.

Semaul Sicdang & KBBQ In Seoul

  • Jungsik – Jungsik is one of the best restaurants in Seoul. It has a long list of accomplishments like the laundry list of Trump Twitter tirades. Now, it’s a little awkward for someone who is as grimy as me to be at the fancy restaurant like Jungsik, but I’m bad and boujee. The restaurant is a must stop like when a druggy has an overdose.

Jungsik & Modern Korean In Seoul

  • Myeongdong Noodle Restaurant – Myeongdong Noodle Restaurant is the definition of hole in the wall. Google “Hole In The Wall” and Myeongdong Noodle Restaurant would come up. The restaurant has offers English and Korean menus. It’s a solid place to get some Korean comfort food that doesn’t break the bank.

Myeongdong Noodle Restaurant & Hole In The Wall Goodness

  • Fried Chicken in Hongdae – A Seoul trip is not complete without getting drunk and eating Korean fried chicken. The Korean fried chicken goes goes perfect with beer and soju. It’s pretty inexpensive with an added crispiness to the skin. Fried chicken restaurants are everywhere around Hongik University and Sculpture Park.

Fried Chicken, Hongdae and Seoul

  • Cheongjinok – Cheongjinok’s haejang-guk is definitely a broth to chase a hangover.  The hearty broth is meaty, tasty and soothing.  It’s the perfect meal any time of day and it soaks up all the alcohol from the hangover and the beers I was drinking during the meal.  Now, that’s what I call making use of the healing power of food.

Cheongjinok & Seoul’s Hangover Cure

  • Gaesung Mandu –  It’s a little cozy restaurant serving Korean dumplings. Gaesung Mandu have Korean and English menu. The dumplings were half the size of my hand and it’s a great stop for breakfast or brunch. Actually, brunch cause they don’t open until like 10 AM. What a bunch of lazy asses.

Seoul’s Gaesung Mandu & Korean Dumplings

  • Mapo-Ok – Mapo-Ok’s ox bone soup is the best in the business. The restaurant has been in business for more than 60 years and it’s the only place to get the milky broth in Seoul. In addition, it’s fun to watch the women roll their eyes at the older men.

Mapo-Ok & Korean Seolleongtang

Those are our must-eat restaurants in Seoul.  The list was compiled as we were cursing ourselves while at the gym for eating too much in Seoul.  However, it was completely worth the calories as we found Seoul to be one of the best food destinations in the world.  Seoul has a mixed of fine dining and comfort food worth gaining 20 pounds in a few days.

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