Best Places/Bars To Drink In Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is one of the true metropolitan cities in the world.  It’s also has some of the best bars in the world to drink and party!

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Tokyo is like every major city in the world.  Its people are like everyone else in this world.  The Japanese love to drink.  I would rank Japan in my top 5 drinking countries in the world.  The other would be the Irish, Australians, American, and Koreans.  Those motherfuckers drink like a horse who has traveled through the Sahara dessert for months without a drop of water.

Now, back to Tokyo.  Tokyo has a lot of culture in the city.  There are the Irish pubs catered to the Westerners.  There are the dive bars catered to locals.  The clubs catered to bad and boujee.  It’s all spread out in Tokyo, but I’ve noticed the popular areas are on the east side of Tokyo in Shinjuku and Minato.  Here are our suggested areas and places to drink:

  • Golden Cai (Shinjuku, Tokyo):  The dive bar galore in Shinjuku is less than a few blocks from the Shinjuku Train Station.  Golden Cai hit the mainstream when Anthony Bourdain paid a visit to the area in one of his episodes.  Cheap and unpretentious like myself.  Check out our write up here.
    Golden Cai and my vision after a few drinks
  • Roppongi (Roppongi, Tokyo):  There’s a strip in Roppongi filled with bars.  It’s a block from the Roppongi Station.  The row of bars start at the intersection of the Toei Oedo and Tokyo Metro Hibiya line.  It can’t be missed like Marvel’s post credit scenes.
  • Kabukicho (Shinjuku, Tokyo): It is Tokyo’s ‘red-light’ district.  Both Golden Cai and Robot restaurant are in Kabukicho.  The bars and nightclubs are open late and there are people walking around at all time.  The place is a haven for degenerates like myself looking to get trash and make mistakes.
  • Gen Yamamoto (Minato, Tokyo):  The reservations-only cocktail bar seats only 10 people at a time.  The mixologists has set 4-6 cocktail menus and it’s a great way to start the night.  It’s an intimate setting.  It’s perfect for people who don’t want to shout over loud music.  Full review here.
    Gen Yamamoto

That’s our ‘Best Places To Drink In Tokyo’ list.  Let us know if we missed any areas or places you would recommend in Tokyo.  We’ve probably been there and not remember cause we blacked out.  Cheers!  Lets make some mistakes!

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