Best Restaurants In Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo and Japan is the best destination for restaurants and foodies.  The country boasts the most Michelin stars in the world.  It has more stars than France.  

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Tokyo and Japan is in my top destination for food.  It’s actually sits at number 1 before Spain and Peru.  The chefs take their craft extremely serious and it shows in their food.  It’s the only place in the world where ramen shops and sukiyaki restaurants are given Michelin stars.  It’s the perfect place to visit if your main goal is to gain a few pounds.  By a few, I mean like 30 pounds.

I’ve spent a few days in Tokyo eating and checking out its landmarks.  For the most part, I really enjoyed everything I ate.  I think I’ve gained more than 15 pounds for the multiple meals I had each day and I made a point to walk to each landmark to work off the food.  However, my plan didn’t go as planned.  I still came home gaining a few pounds.  It could be my age and my slowing metabolism.  Who cares?

Anyway, here are the top restaurants we recommend checking out while in Tokyo.

  • Ichiran – This is the best ramen I’ve eaten in the world.  It’s the best ramen I’ve had in my life easily.  The anti-social ramen restaurant serves the richest and oily ramen broth.  The broth is full of flavor with its pork bones simmered for hours.  In addition, the bowl is half the price as its location in New York.  The Japanese adapted to capitalism very well in America.  Full review here.
    Ichiran Ramen
  • Ryugin – The 3 Michelin star restaurant serves a modern kaiseki menu.  It’s masculine decor and excellent service is a meal not to miss while in Japan.  It’s one of the best meals I’ve eaten in my life.  It’s really expensive but I personally thought it was worth it.  I would be eating here every day if I had Warren Buffet money.  Full review here.
  • Imafuku – The one michelin star sukiyaki restaurant is in Minato.  They serve only A5 Japanese Wagyu.  It’s easily the best sukiyaki I’ve eaten in my life.  The sweet sauce enhances the rich flavors of the A5 Japanese Wagyu.  For any foodie, A5 Japanese Wagyu and Kobe beef is the best it gets.  However, I don’t suggest eating here with your girlfriend or wife cause you don’t want to open pandora’s box.  She’ll never want to go to another sukiyaki restaurant ever again.  She’ll expect the best from this point on.  Full review here.
    The Sukiyaki Experience
  • Kobe Beef Kaiseki 511 – The best steakhouse in Tokyo.  They’re an authorized Kobe Beef distributor in Tokyo.  The meal is expensive but it must be eaten.  They have Japanese prime but don’t waste your calories on that.  I don’t think anyone can go to Japan without having authentic Kobe beef.  It’s often intimated but never duplicated.  Do yourself a favor and treat yourself.  You won’t regret.  Full review here.
    Kobe Beef
  • Seryna – The high-end Shabu Shabu restaurant with an amazing view in Shinjuku.  They serve only A5 Japanese Wagyu with a traditional shabu shabu experience.  The ponzu and goma sauce is absolutely amazing.  It’s definitely one of the best shabu shabu I’ve had since the proteins was A5 Japanese Wagyu.  Can’t leave Japan without having shabu shabu.  It’s like dying a virgin.  No bueno.  Full review here.
    A5 Japanese Wagyu @ Seryna
  • Shinjuku’s Omoide Yokocho – The place is called Piss Alley.  It’s not the most appetizing name, but the ally is filled with cheap dining options.  The alley is filled with yakitori, ramen, udon, and other Japanese options.  It’s a few steps from the Shinjuku station and it’s highly recommended for the budget conscious travelers.  The other option would be to get extremely full then offer to wash some dishes.  Check out our write up here.
    Piss Alley
  • Jojoen – Jojoen is a yakiniku chain in Japan.  They serve reasonable set menus but also have an a la carte menu.  They have A5 Japanese Wagyu but they offer solid Japanese beef options.  The beef tartare is not to be miss.  It’s only a few steps from the Shinjuku station.  It’s only a few bites from gaining 15 pounds.  Full review here.
    Beef Tartare
  • Hatsunezushi –  Last but definitely not least.  The best sushi I’ve ever had goes to Hatsunezushi.  The two Michelin star restaurant is a 40 minute trip from central Tokyo.  However, it’s well worth it.  The restaurant is operated by a husband and wife duo; the husband is a 3rd or 4th generation sushi chef.   He’s a really funny and jolly chef.  This is the restaurant that cannot be missed in Tokyo.  Seriously.  Actually, none of the listed restaurant shouldn’t be missed like a psychotic past lover.  Full review here.

That’s our list of restaurants to try in Tokyo, Japan.  The city is filled with amazing eats and a foodie can’t go wrong with any random restaurant.  If you don’t like the food, you could go on Yelp and write a three sentence review about how the food sucks like all Yelpers in the world.  Plus, it’s totally justified especially if you only had one item on the menu.  In addition, you might get a Pulitzer prize for your prolific Yelp review.

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