Shinobazunoike Pond, Bentendo Temple & Farmer’s Markets

Bentendo Temple is a little temple in the middle of the Shinobazunoike Pond in Ueno Park in Tokyo, Japan.  There’s a farmer’s market in front of the temple grounds.

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The Bentendo Temple is dedicated to the Goddess of the Arts.  It’s a fitting dedication since Ueno Park is filled with street performers and museums.  The temple was built in the 17th century and a boat was needed to visit the temple.  However, a stone bridge was built to ease the commute and it became a popular temple.  In my opinion, it’s definitely a great idea cause I can’t swim.

The Bentendo Temple is one of the many landmarks in Ueno Park that could be seen.  There are three temples/shrines in the park and Bentendo is my second favorite after Ueno Toshogu.  It’s mainly because it’s in the middle of a pond and there’s a farmer’s market.  However, it’s not like other farmer’s market selling organic foods.  They sell fried chicken.

The temple is easily accessible by the subway.  It’s a block or two from the Ueno Station; the Ueno station could be access with the Hibya, JR Yamamoto, and Ginza lines.  However, I would recommend coming here before rush hour unless you want to feel like a sardine in the subway.

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