Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (TMAM) is located in Ueno Park.  It’s one of the few museums in the park with outdoor art sculptures. [adinserter name=”Block 2″]

TMAM is your typical art museum.  It has all the hipster haven characteristics.  It’s in Tokyo’s most eccentric park — Ueno Park.  It’s home to chanting men in short shorts, an amusement park, a baseball field, multiple shrines, a food market, and performing street artists.  It’s like the Japanese version of Disneyland except they don’t charge you your retirement savings to visit.

TMAM has multiple art sculptures in front.  There’s a massive ball made in the middle of the courtyard and it’s the perfect opportunity for the shameless mirror selfie.  There are multiple abstract pieces depicting the average Japanese person’s struggles, which was a bunch of blue cones stuff into a corner.  Check out it out below:

Abstract art

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go inside the museum as I didn’t find the exterior aesthetically appealing enough.  However, the only thing I found aesthetically pleasing was this big round ball cause it was the perfect opportunity for me to take a selfie.  For your information, selfies or it didn’t happen.  I know it sounds superficial, but it’s not like you never dated someone based on their looks.

Here’s a few pictures of the place:

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Normal Museum Hours : 9:30 – 17:30 (last admission 17:00)

For more information, check the museum’s website here.