Golden Cai Is Shinjuku’s Hidden Drunk Alley

Golden Cai is Japan’s equivalent of Dublin’s Temple Bar.  I’s in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, and it’s a few blocks from Shinjuku’s Piss Alley.

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Golden Cai hit the mainstream when Anthony Bourdain visited it on his show.  As most things Anthony Bourdain does, the world follows suit and Golden Cai has become a popular place.  It’s like Instagram is a popular place for Yoga poses outside of the Yoga class.  It’s like how SnapChat filters are popular on dating apps.  Fortunately, Golden Cai is not as basic as the fore-mentioned things.  Golden Cai is grimy in a sense.

Golden Cai bars don’t scream pretentiousness.  It isn’t filled with snooty douchies wanting some self-proclaim sophisticated cocktail like at a speakeasy.  It’s as divey as it gets.  It’s a place where people can go have a drink without the talentless DJ on stage pressing play on an electronic turntable.  It doesn’t cost your soul to grab a seat at the bar.  No table service, douche.

The bars all have one thing in common — stiff drinks and less than 7 seats.  It’s exclusive in a sense where it’s difficult to find a seat, but it’s fun because you can unwind without the clown suit.  There are no pop-collars and women scantily dressed.  T-shirts and shorts are preferred.  In addition, keep the raging to a minimum cause ain’t nobody got time for your bro-ness.

Anyway, Golden Cai is the perfect place for anyone looking to have a drink.  It’s two streets filled with small bars and it’s recommended to bar hop.  It’s also recommended to keep your douchie Vegas tendencies at home.  That shit gets no love in Japan.

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