Zōjō-ji Has An Amazing View Of The Tokyo Tower

Zōjō-ji is a Buddhist temple in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, with a clear view of the Tokyo Tower.  It’s a few blocks from a lot things to see and do in Tokyo.

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The view of the temple and the Tokyo Tower

Zōjō-ji is a Jodo-shu Buddhist temple.  In the late 1300s, The temple was started  then moved to its current place during the Edo period in the late 1500s.  After the Tokugawa shogunate fail, the temple served as a public park then World War II left damaged like a woman beating up her husband after she found out she got cheated on.  However, the little known fact is that Buddhism has nothing to do with marijuana.

In addition, almost half of the Tokugawa shoguns are buried at the temple.  There are stone statues rows dedicated to unborn children; the statues act as a guide to help the kids reach the afterlife.  They’re decorated with small gifts like toys and clothing.  Furthermore, the temple has an amazing view of the Tokyo Tower.  The tower resembles the Eiffel Tower.  Unfortunately, the Japanese bootlegged the Eiffel Tower.

Furthermore, Zōjō-ji is one of Tokyo’s hidden landmarks.  In other words, it’s one of the least visited temples in the city where everyone flocks to Shibuya Crossing and Harajuku Street. It’s a few blocks from the Hamarikyu Gardens and the Tsukiji Fish Market.  Therefore, it’s a good stop to kill four birds with one stone within a 3 mile radius.  I’m speaking figuratively not literally about killing the birds.  We don’t condone animal cruelty on this website.

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