Hamarikyu Gardens Is My Favorite Park In Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo’s Hamarikyu Gardens is an absolute delight to walk through.  It’s easily my favorite park in Tokyo when the cities has hundreds of them.

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Hamarikyu Gardens is in Tokyo’s Chūō-ku district.  It’s less than a mile from the Tsukiji Fish Market and less than 2 miles from the Tokyo Tower.  The public park is located next to the Sumida River and it’s surrounded by the Tokyo Bay.   The garden is over 2.7 million square feet, which makes it fucking massive.   It’s bigger than my stomach after dinner at an all you can eat buffet.

There’s a pond in the middle of the park — Shioiri Pond.  The park offers a teahouse for any foodie looking to snack on Japanese sweets and replenish with some matcha tea.  Hamarikyu has a plum tree grove, cosmo fields, and a peony garden on the park grounds.  However, those are nothing compared to the Shioiri Pond and it’s backdrop of the Tokyo skyline.  It’s mesmerizing like watching the waitress deliver an A5 Japanese Kobe Beef steak at Kaiseki 511.

Hamarikyu Gardens

It’s definitely a pretty place to walk through.  It will suit all your Instagram photo needs like epic back pictures, angle-down selfies, and lifestyle blogger inspired photos. Unfortunately, I can’t say it fits well with annoying food bloggers like myself who like to remind people what ramen looks like.  That’s why I go to Ichiran.

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