Shibuya Crossing Is Overrated Compared To Shinjuku Station

Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing was made famous by Lost In Translation. Everyone visits it to watch hoards of people cross the street while sipping a latte at Starbucks.

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Shibuya Crossing is right outside of the Shibuya Station.  There is a lot of people passing through the area at every time of the day.  It’s the perfect definition of organized chaos especially during rush hours where the corporate slaves are leaving work.  It’s probably the best time to go to fully experience the spectacle.  It’s not as dramatic as the news in the States lately, but it’s still worth checking out.

Shibuya Crossing

However, Shibuya Crossing doesn’t match Shinjuku Station in terms of traffic. Shinjuku Station dwarfs Shibuya Crossing by half a million people a day.  Per Rocket News, they estimate Shinjuku station has 1,260,000,000 passengers a year versus Shibuya’s 1,090,000,000 passengers.  Let’s do some math:

  • Shibuya: 1,090,000,000/365 days in a year =  2,986,302 passengers per day
  • Shinjuku: 1,260,000,000/365 days in a year =  3,452,055 passengers per day
Shibuya Crossing

That’s about a 465,753 difference between the two stations.  It’s absolutely insane like an offspring from Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway.  Shibuya Crossing isn’t as packed as Shinjuku during the day, but the traffic picks up during rush hour when people cram into the subway.  It’s still an amazing scene to view on the street.  Unfortunately, I didn’t feel the need to order a latte and have my picture taken at Starbucks.

In conclusion, Shibuya crossing is definitely worth the visit.  It’s the perfect place to take a picture of your back.  Why the picture of your back?  Cause it’s the stupid trend on Instagram to give the picture a more epic and dramatic feel.  It’s like when people take angle-down pictures.

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