Yoyogi Park Is A Great Walk To Take In Shibuya

Yoyogi Park is one of the many parks in Tokyo, Japan.  It’s next to Harajuku Street (aka Cat Alley) in the Shibuya district.  

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Yoyogi Park is definitely a contrast to Ueno Park.  I would consider Yoyogi Park to be more peaceful compared to the lively Ueno Park.  It’s sounds fair fetch since its a few blocks away from Shibuya Crossing and next to Harajuku Street.  However, the park is a lot more peaceful since there isn’t a lot to see within it.  Here are some of things to see in it:

  • Meiji Shrine – The shrine is a dedication to an old Japanese emperor.  I would have thought a statue would have suffice, but that’s my opinion.
    Meiji Shrine
    Meiji Shrine
  • Meiji Shrine Inner Garden – This used to be part of Katō Kiyomasa’s residence.  He was a commander who defeated the Koreans during the Seven Year War.
  • Giant Torii – The entrance into the Meji Shrine.  It’s the perfect place for your Instagram picture.
    Giant Torii Yoyogi Park
    Giant Torii
  • Kiyomasa’s Well – A well believed to have positive energy. Unfortunately, I still haven’t won the lottery.
  • Shinto Shrine –  The real interesting part of the Shinto Shrine is the barrels of saké before it.  FYI, there’s no sake in it.  I’ve tried already.
    Shinto Shrine
    Shinto Shrine

Those are a few places to check within the park.  In addition, the park is easily accessible.  There are multiple subway stops serving the park.  The closest stations are the Harajuku Station, Yoyogikoen Station, Sangubashi Station, Yoyogi-Hachiman Station, and Kita-Sando Station.  Each station is a block away with the Harajuku being right next to it.  It’s definitely worth the visit as long as you don’t try to drink from the sake barrels like me.

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