Tokyo’s Keio Plaza Hotel Is In A Prime Location In Shinjuku

Tokyo’s Keio Plaza Hotel is the perfect hotel if you want to stay in the Shinjuku area.  It’s a couple of blocks from the Shinjuku Train station.

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The Shinjuku Train Station is the busiest station in world.  Also, it can get you anywhere in Tokyo.  If you don’t feel like walking to Shinjuku station, you could walk to Tocho-Mae Station.  It’s a couple of steps from the Keio under the overpass and the train takes you to Shinjuku Station.  It’s a 15 minute cab ride to the Tokyo Main station if you want to hop on the bullet train (i.e., Shinkansen).  Furthermore, the Keio is a couple of blocks from these re-known spots:

  • Omoide Yokocho (aka Piss Alley)
  • Kabukichō
  • Golden Gai

Now, the Keio’s room is extremely small.   I had a room with two twins and it was literally the size of a truck bed.  In addition, the restroom was extremely small for a fatty like myself.  The decor of the rooms was outdated.  However, it had an amazing view of the city, so it totally negates the size of the room.

Keio Plaza Hotel
Keio Plaza Hotel

In addition, the concierge provided amazing service.  I was emailing back and forth with them regarding my restaurant reservations.  They were able to book 99% of restaurants I wanted.  I had to cancel one of my reservations and the concierge actually went up to my room to let me know it was canceled.   I felt bad cause he was all winded.   I told him he could have just called my room.  He said no it’s okay.  Now, that’s what I call incredible service.

Keio is a very traditional hotel.  Their receipts and order forms are all very vintage.  They have multiple restaurants on the first floor and a convenient shop.  The convenient shop was definitely helpful when I needed drinks or anything for my day trips.  I stopped by the convenient shop multiple times during the night to pick up supplies for my day trips to Kyoto and Osaka.

Also, the Keio charges a small fee for room cleaning.  The laundry service is extremely fast and they return it the same day.  However, it’s pretty pricey for people who are economically conscious.  I was bitching up a storm looking at the laundry service prices cause I didn’t have time to spare to do my laundry.  I should have brought enough clothes for the trip.  Well, that or turn my drawls inside out then hope I don’t have any skid marks.

Keio Plaza Hotel
Keio Plaza Hotel

Overall, I definitely enjoyed my stay at the Keio.  The concierge’s service and the hotel’s location were excellent.  The laundry service and room cleaning fee was the price I paid for the prime location.  It definitely made getting around Tokyo convenient being located next to Shinjuku station and the Tocho-Mae station.  In addition, there a lot of places to go eat and drink in the area.  Trust me.  I was full and shit faced most of the time.

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