JR Shinjuku Station & 3.5M People Per Day

Shinjuku Station is INSANE.   It has more than 3.5M passengers a day.

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Shinjuku Station
Behind Shinjuku Station

There is so many people passing through this station.  I think it’s more of a sight than the Shibuya Crossing, which was made famous by Lost In Translation.  It’s the perfect definition of organized chaos.  The amount of people passing through the station is insane.  Per Rocket News, it is estimated that Shinjuku station has 1,260,000,000 passengers a year versus Shibuya’s 1,090,000,000 passengers.  Let’s do some math:

  • Shinjuku: 1,260,000,000/365 days in a year =  3,452,055 passengers per day
  • Shibuya: 1,090,000,000/365 days in a year =  2,986,302 passengers per day

That’s about 465,753 difference between the stations.  HALF A MILLION PEOPLE A DAY, SON!  That’s F*CKING crazy.   It was an amazing scene when I sit there and watch the amount of people coming and going from the main entrance.  It’s truly a wonder to see and I couldn’t stop but look as if it was some car accident.


Shinjuku station has a lot of restaurants.  It’s also a mall.  It’s also a rat race.  It’s a bus terminal.  It’s a tourist attraction.  It’s a train station.  There are multiple train lines running through the station.  There are people drinking beers without the brown bags outside the station and undisturbed by the cops.  It’s a one stop shop for every need you might have or want.  Shit they even sale white Unicorns and Hobbits.  However, it’s not sold separately.

Tokyo's Shinjuku Station
Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station

In addition, you could take the train back to NRT if you don’t want to pay for the cab.  Trust me.  It’s a lot more economical than paying for cabs in Japan.  It was 20 USD on average for a 10 minute cab ride around Tokyo when I was there.  Now, imagine taking an hour cab ride to NRT if there is no traffic.  I don’t think Lyft or Uber is much cheaper coming in around 28,000 Yen (i.e., 250 USD).

Furthermore, Shinjuku station is right next to the following spots:

  • Omoide Yokocho (aka Piss Alley)
  • Kabukichō
  • Golden Gai
  • Robot Restaurant

Lastly, Shinjuku station is definitely a must stop when in Tokyo.  It’s a great but extremely busy area.  As busy as it was, the train station, sidewalk and area’s traffic flowed extremely well for having close to 3.5M people passing through it a day.  It’s pretty impressive like my fucking vocabulary.

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