Akasaka Palace & Western Architecture

Akasaka Palace is an interesting piece of architecture.  I was a bit surprised when I arrived here.

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Akasaka Palace didn’t meet my expectation like a Tinder date.  I was expecting a grand and glorious temple-esque palace.  I was expecting more of a Japanese influence piece of architecture instead of something out of the Gone With The Wind movie.  Now, you’re probably thinking didn’t I see pictures of the palace before I went to check it out.  Yes, I did.  However, I have very bad short term memory, which has gotten me in trouble multiple times in the past.

Now, back to Gone With The Wind.  Asakasa Palace has a very Western influence since it was built in 1909.  There were two layers of fences and gates I had to jump to get into the Palace.  Luckily, I’m a very agile person and it comes with years of running from the police.  In addition, there’s a huge yard and the Palace is mainly used for a state guest house.  In other words, a hostel for scum bag liars aka politicians.


Don’t get me wrong. It’s a pretty piece of architecture but it’s very Western like John Wayne.  I can see shit like that in the States.  I was extremely disappointed cause I wanted a piece of authentic Japanese culture.  Therefore, I left to go grab a Big Mac at McDonald’s.

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