Harajuku Street & Tokyo’s Eccentric Fashion District

Harajuku Street is an internationally famous street in the Shibuya district of Tokyo.  It’s also known as Cat Street.  

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Harajuku is the leading fashion street in Tokyo.  It’s as eccentric as it can get.  It’s right across the way from Takeshita Street if you’re walking from the train station.  There are kids with an eccentric fashion sense.  It’s all over the place like a woman’s mind.

Harajuku has multiple shops in the little laneway.  The street seems a little tame; but themain tourist attraction is Takeshita street.  That’s where the majority of the tourists go.  It’s probably cause they think it’s Harajuku street since it’s right next to the subway exit.  Suckers.


Harajuku Street isn’t as pack as Takeshita Street.  I was able to walk freely and not worry about getting grope.  I hate when that happens cause I always end up cussing someone out.  I really like that there wasn’t any cat calling even though Harajuku Street’s alias is Cat Street.  Overall, it’s a pretty cool place to check out without seeming like a total tourist.

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