Tokyo’s Sensō-ji & Organized Chaos

Sensoji Temple is located in famous Asakusa district.  It’s Tokyo’s oldest temple and the most popular. 

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Sensoji is a huge temple.  The temple grounds is filled with shops on Nakamise-Dori.  It’s a great spectacle to walk from Kaminarimon through Nakamise-Dori then reaching the Hozōmon and then finally reaching the Hondō aka the main hall.  I felt like Frodo walking through Mordor.  The only difference is I don’t have huge hairy feet.


The Kaminarimon (i.e., Thunder Gate) is where the majority of visitors take their pictures.  After that, people are glazing at the line of gift shops and restaurants on Nakamise-Dori.  Nakamise-Dori is crowded and packed like sardines.  The shops are apart of Senso-ji’s culture as it has been done throughout the temple’s history.  I don’t usually buy anything cause I’m too busy putting my dirty fingers on the food.  It’s either that or I’m taking a bite then putting it back on the counter.


Senso-Ji Kaminarimon
Senso-Ji Kaminarimon

In addition, visitors may ask questions from ‘oracles’.  There are sticks with answers, but I decided to not participate.  I can get my fortune read with a Chinese Fortune Cookies.  They give out lottery numbers so I think I’m going to stick with the fortune cookies.  However, I have yet to win the lottery, but I’m not going to quit playing anytime soon.

To summarize, there’s a shit load of people.   It’s difficult to get a clear shot without in anyone in my selfies.  After the 100th time, I decided to give up then head into the restroom for my mirror selfie.  It wasn’t as spectacular but it did its job on social media.  Besides those faults, Senso-ji is pretty magnificent and it’s a great sight to see.  It’s  a pretty breathtaking sight to see the flock of people and the temple’s size.  Well, it was either that or I was tired from pushing people out of the way.  Finally, the whole thing is organized chaos yet peaceful at the same time.

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