Sejong-Daero, Gwanghwamun Plaza & Seoul’s Own National Mall

Sejong-daero is Seoul’s main sightseeing street.  It’s like Washington DC’s National mall.

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Sejong-daero has a number of landmarks.  The street stretches from the Gyeongbokgung to the King Sejong Statue to Deoksugung to the Namdaemun Gate to Myeong-dong.  It can provide a day filled with activity that doesn’t involve booze.  I just probably loss 90% of my readers with that statement.

The two mile strip is a sightseeing gallery.  The crowded street is filled with things to see in Seoul.  It contains about 15% of Seoul’s significant sightseeing landmarks.  There’s the other 75% is spread across Seoul.  Seoul is a very large city.  It reminds me of Los Angeles without the hideous traffic and smog.  However, both cities are filled with drunks.


Here are the significant landmarks to check out:

  • Gyeongbokgung – The palace has been the main palace since the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty.  It faces the Namdaemun Gate.
     Gyeongbokgung Seoul
  • Namdaemun Gate – The majestic gate is opposite of the Gyeongbokgung Palace.  
     The full view of the Namdaemun Gate
    The full view of the gate
  • Deoksugung – The second palace in the vicinity.  The only one with Western architecture inside of it.
    Deoksugung Palace Seoul
    Deoksugung Palace
  • Gwanghwamun Plaza – The plaza contains the beloved King Sejong statue. The Korean king made huge investments in the Korean military, science, infrastructure and seek prosperity for the Korean people.
    Statue of King Sejong on Gwanghwamun Plaza.
    Statue of King Sejong
  • Namdaemun – The lively night life area is filled with bars and restaurants.
    Namdaemun Seoul
    Namdaemun Seoul
  • Myeong-dong – It’s one of Seoul’s most popular shopping destinations.  It’s similar to Gangnam but economically conscious people.  In other words, broke people.
     Myeong-dong Seoul
    Myeong-dong @ night
  • Seoul’s Metropolitan Library & City Hall – The futuristic city hall is next to a historic Korean architecture relic.
    Seoul Library & City Hall
    Seoul Library & City Hall

That’s a quick list of things to check out on Seoul’s Sejong-daero.  The exploration could easily take up a day.  However, with adequate planning, it could only require a drive through by the local cab driver then you’re on your way to the nearest pub.

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