National Folk Museum of Korea & Seoul’s History

National Folk Museum of Korea is located in the Gyeongbokgung Palace.   The Seoul Museum has a number of interesting exhibits.  

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The museum is home to Korea’s history.  It houses close to 100,000 historical artifacts dating back to the Joseon Dynasty.  It documents the traditional life of the Korean people and the how Confucianism has a heavy influence on Korean customs.  Every Korean I know is a heavy drinker.  If Confucianism is a major influence in Korean customs, Confucius must have been a heavy drinker.

National Folk Museum of Korea in Seoul, South Korea
National Folk Museum of Korea

The artifacts are spread across the exhibition halls.  In addition, the courtyard contains replica homes depicting old Korea and spiritual statues.  It was unfortunate that the artifacts were replicas.  I wanted to do a Sino-Japanese War re-enactment and jump out at kids as they walked by.   However, they quickly stopped me as I tried to grab the artifacts.  I guess the only place to have fun in Seoul is Itaewon.

The old town was pretty cool to walk-through.  However, the real show stopper was the stone statues.  The stone statues were civil officials who were designated to guard tombs of the important people in the Joseon period.  However, that was the boring statues.  It did looked like Medusa had a good day in Seoul.


The Phallicism statues were the one I found the most interesting.  It was used to pray for multiple things like male baby, village protection, productiveness and among other things.  It took me by surprised to walk by statues of a vagina and penises.  As many people did, I gave out a little giggle and the first thing I did was take a picture of these two dick and pussy.  Pun intended.

Penis & Vagina Sculptures Seoul
Penis & Vagina Sculptures

The National Folk Museum of Korea is a convenient stop.  It’s within the Gyeongbokgung Palace.  The vintage town is fun to walk through and it’s like walking through a movie set.  The Phallicism statues are perfect props for any Instagram photo.  FYI, there is an entrance fee.

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