Namdaemun Gate & Seoul

Namdaemun Gate (i.e., Sungnyemun Gate) is hard to miss if you’re staying in the Namdaemun district of Seoul.  It’s an amazing piece of architecture.

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The Namdaemun Gate dates back to the Joseon dynasty.  It was one of fortress gates that surrounded the city when King Taejo ruled Seoul.  There are a total of 8 gates that protected the city during the Joseon dynasty.  It was South Korea’s first national treasure.  Foolish of me to think that title went to Kim Jong Un.

The full front view of the Namdaemun Gate
The full view of the gate

The gate is very hard to miss.  It overlooks the area like satellites overlooking North Korea.  It knows when you’re sleeping.  It knows you’re awake.  Wait… That’s Santa Clause.  Never-mind.


Since I was staying at Fraser Place, I would walk by it every day and I took so many pictures of it.  It’s nearly impossible not to take a picture of it cause I would see it in a different angle everyday. I would pull out my camera every single time.  It’s like how people pull out their cameras when they see the cops in the States.

Full side view of the Namdaemun Gate
Full view of the gate

Furthermore, there’s a market next to the gate that’s supposedly open 24 hours.  I didn’t notice it cause I was in the pub drinking until my liver wanted to give out.  I swear.  It’s hard to come to Seoul and not get trash.  It’s like going to hell and not burning for your sins.  It ain’t going to happened.

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