Semaul Sicdang & KBBQ In Seoul

Semaul Sicdang is a typical Korean BBQ spot in the back alleys of Namdaemun.  It’s steps from the Namdaemun Gate.

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Namdaemun and Myeongdong is filled things to do.  The streets are flooded with retail stores, restaurants and coffee shops.  It’s one of the trendier areas of Seoul, but it’s a lot little less pretentious than Gangnam.  I have no idea what I was doing in Namdaemun and Myeongdong since I tend a snob when it comes to eating at quality restaurants like McDonald’s.  Only the best for me.

 The restaurant's decor
The restaurant’s decor

Semaul Sicdang was my first official meal in Seoul.  It felt like making a relationship official on Facebook with a status update.  It’s not official unless it’s on Facebook.  Semaul Sicdang was perfect because I was craving a big savory meal filled with proteins and all things bad for my health.  Unfortunately, Semaul Sicdang didn’t offer all-you-can-eat options.  It was a smart move cause I looked I haven’t eaten in days.

Semaul Sicdang is on a street behind Namdaemun’s Fraser Place Hotel across from the Namdaemun Gate.  It sits among an alley occupied by pubs filled with Korean corporate slaves looking like they didn’t want to go to their wives.   The wonderful perks of being married in the 21st century; the only joy married couples look forward to these days are opening up the new wine bottle, divorce and another bottle of wine.


I arrived at Semaul Sicdang before they closed.  The place was empty and it looked like they were ready to close.  Fortunately, they stayed open for me to eat.  The menu contained all the typical KBBQ meats like bulgogi, pork belly and brisket.   That was exactly what I ordered cause it was the only thing in English.  I just pointed and said “Gimme that!”

  • Pork Belly – The plump pork belly morsels were juicy and flavorful.  It went perfect with the soy paste and salt and pepper sesame oil.  It was cooked until it displayed a nice coat of seared marks.  Fortunately, it wasn’t orange like Trump’s tan.
    Semaul Sicdang's Pork Belly
    Semaul Sicdang’s Pork Belly
  • Brisket – The fattest cut of beef.  The brisket had a nice strip of marbling next to the lean meat.  The marbling is where all the flavor comes from.  It’s the same line I used when people tell me I gained a little weight.
    Semaul Sicdang's Brisket
    Semaul Sicdang’s Brisket
  • Bulgogi – The marinated beef was the last thing on the menu.  The higher end beef was marinated with a sweetness and it went perfect with the garlic.  The bulgogi had a slight of sweetness like when your lover wants something.
    Semaul Sicdang's Bulgogi
    Semaul Sicdang’s Bulgogi

Overall, Semaul Sicdang is a solid KBBQ spot in Namdaemun.  It’s not an AYCE spot, but the prices were relatively cheap.  Each serving cost about 7 USD and I was on complete food coma by the end of the meal.  What else could be better than a drunken food coma in Seoul?

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  • 7.5/10
    Service - 7.5/10
  • 7/10
    Presentation - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Flavors - 8/10
  • 6/10
    Decor - 6/10
  • 7/10
    Ambiance - 7/10


Semaul Sicdang is a typical Korean BBQ spot in the back alleys of Namdaemun. It’s steps from the Namdaemun Gate. Semaul Sicdang is a solid KBBQ spot in Namdaemun. It’s not an AYCE spot, but the prices were relatively cheap.

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