Independence Gate & Seoul’s Seodaemun Independence Park

South Korea is like every other country in the world when it gains its independence.  It gets some sort of memorial to celebrate it.

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Independence Gate is also known as the Dongnimmun Gate.  The area is originally known as Yeongeun and the construction was funded by Korean citizens.  The gate was built by an activist looking to inspire the Korean people to move towards independence after the Sino-Japanese War.  Guess what?  It apparently worked.

Seoul's Independence Gate
Seoul’s Independence Gate

Seoul’s Independence Gate looks like Paris’ Arc de Triomphe.  However, the Arc de Triomphe dwarfs the Dongnimmun Gate in size.  The Gate serves as an entrance into Seodaemun Independence Park.  Seodaemun Independence Park has a number of monuments like the Seodaemun Prison Museum.  I wouldn’t freely go to jail in my home country, so it’s safe to assume that I would definitely not go during a trip overseas.

 Seodaemun Prison Museum
Seodaemun Prison Museum


The park is a nice place to hang out.  There are families walking around the park; in addition, the families have kids running around the park screaming at the top of their lungs.  It really shows that annoying kids are pretty consistent no matter what ethnicity.   In those times, I wish there was no such thing as independence and we could lock these kids up.

Seoul's Independence Park
Seoul’s Independence Park

Independence Gate and Park is easily accessible from Line 3.  The Dongnimmun stop is right next to the park.  It’s worth the trip just to remind yourself that there is no rush to have kids.  Who cares about what the parentals say?  They’re not going to be around too long.

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 The view of Independence Gate from Dongnimmun stop

The view of Independence Gate from Dongnimmun stop