Myeongdong Noodle Restaurant & Hole In The Wall Goodness

Myeongdong Noodle Restaurant is the definition of hole in the wall.  Google “Hole In The Wall” and Myeongdong Noodle Restaurant would come up.

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Myeongdong Noodle Restaurant is located in *drum roll* Myeongdong.   Just like the name suggests.  Who would have thought?  I know. It’s an amazing concept to name a restaurant after a city that’s it is actually located in.  I don’t know the purpose of naming a San Francisco restaurant after a city in Europe.  Why Thomas Keller choose to add “French” to French Laundry is beyond me?  It should be American Laundry since it’s in the States.  FYI, they don’t do laundry service.  Trust me.  I found out the hard way.  Review here.

The restaurant
The restaurant

Anyway, Myeongdong Noodle Restaurant is as grimy as it gets.  It’s in a dark alley where there are pots, buckets, and wet floors.  It’s not the most tourist friendly area but the mom n’ pop shop has a lot to offer.  In addition, they are true entrepreneurs in that they hand people a menu after they drop off their dry cleaning.  Take that, French Laundry.   Okay.  Fine.  It’s a storage area where they keep their jackets and purses.

The restaurant has offers both English and Korean menus.  In addition, the menu comes with pictures for easy pointing in case tourists don’t speak Korean.  I don’t have to worry about that cause I speak like 7 languages and it’s all the curse words.  I know.  I still wonder why I’m still single with those credentials.

Myeongdong Noodle Restaurant service is quick.  The food didn’t take longer than 10 minutes to be ready even though the restaurant was completely packed with locals.  Locals in a restaurant is a good sign of the quality of the food.  If there was something I learned from watching Anthony Bourdain, it’s follow the locals.  However, I will regress from following locals if it leads me to my death.

The menu
The menu

I decided to have the Kim Chi Fried Rice.  I love me some Kim Chi Fried Rice and I knew it had to be one of the items I had to eat before I leave Seoul.  Yes, it’s that easy to achieve a goal if you put your mind to it, folks.  The Kim Chi Fried Rice came out red and looking like it was fried in a pan filled with chili.  It was topped with an egg then a lot of seaweed.  For a second, I thought they got my order wrong and I was going to ask if I could get some fried rice with all the seaweed.

The Kim Chi Fried Rice was the best I ever had.  Hands down.  This is coming from a person who frequents Los Angeles’ K-Town and Kim Chi Fried Rice is served on every corner on the district.  Shit.  It’s so abundant that even the homeless have their own food carts frying it up on demand.  Myeongdong’s Kim Chi Fried Rice had the right balance of sour kim chi, spice, and salt.  The salty seaweed added a different taste to it while the soft fried eggs complimented the red rice.

Myeongdong Noodle Restaurant's Kim Chi Fried Rice
Myeongdong Noodle Restaurant’s Kim Chi Fried Rice

Myeongdong Noodle Restaurant is definitely worth the visit.   The hole in the wall restaurant provides solid Korean comfort food for affordable prices.  In addition, your dry cleaning gets done while you’re enjoying your splendid meal.   They should rename the restaurant to Korean Laundry.

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Myeongdong Noodle Restaurant is the definition of hole in the wall. Google “Hole In The Wall” and Myeongdong Noodle Restaurant would come up. The restaurant has offers English and Korean menus. It’s a solid place to get some Korean comfort food that doesn’t break the bank.

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