Hongik University Street & Seoul’s College Town

Hongik University Street is like all college towns in the world.  It’s filled with college kids doing what college kids do, which is drink.

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Hongik University Street (i.e., Hongdae) is a great college town in Seoul.  If there is one thing I learned in Seoul, it’s that Koreans love to drink.  The Koreans drinking tendencies seriously rivals the Japanese, Aussies, and Irish.   Hongdae is a great example of that.

Hongdae is filled with drinking and food establishments.  The area is overrun with Korean students wondering around and looking for their next drinking binge while gripping their bag full of consumer products.  What else should students worry about?  It’s all about shopping, drinking and selfies.  The good ole days when I had no worries besides making sure I get the right angles on my selfies.


Since it’s a college town, it’s the ideal place to grab some beer and fried chicken.  The unbeknownst to the world is the fact that Koreans are exceptionally great at making fried chicken.  It rivals the fried chicken in the United States’ South.  It’s a bold statement, but it’s true like how all politicians are full of shit.  It makes me want to throw leftover chicken bones at the United States’ Congress for their lies.

Hongdae has an abundant local retail shops.  The vendors sell anything from cell phone cases to clothing to art.  The main art street is often referred to Picasso Street or Hongdae Mural Street.  It’s in the back gate of the university and where people go get their pictures taken for instant street cred.

The other side of Hongdae

There’s also Club Street which is the nightlife area for the students.  It’s pretty much like a night in Vegas where newly turned 21 year old kids scream ‘OMG!  I love Vegas’.   Yes, we were all at that point in our lives.  Fortunately, I never did that because I was always passed out in the club.

Hongdae is a great cultural area.  It’s a great place to visit if you’re into lots naive college students, abundant retail shops, excessive drinking establishments, street murals, and selfie sticks.  If not, you might want to start living a little a bit and make some mistakes in life.

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