Namsangol Hanok Village & Old Seoul

Namsangol Hanok Village is a taste of old Korean traditions in the middle of Seoul, South Korea.  It’s a cultural adventure worth the experience.

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Namsangol Hanok Village is in central Seoul.  It was reopened back in the late 90s.  The village features a number of traditional Korean architecture — houses, pavilions, gardens, stages, and plazas.  The village’s environment is peaceful and the trees are abundant.  The restored village is the perfect place to take a walk and get away from the annoying lover.

This couple obviously is still in the newlywed phase.
This couple obviously is still in the newlywed phase.

In addition, South Korean government buried a time capsule inside the village in 1994.  It’s scheduled to be reopened in 400 hundred years in 2394.  Now, I know where my DeLorean went; the South Korean government buried it.  I knew I was getting prank.  South Koreans and their sense of humor.

The remodeled hanok houses display a range of social economic classes during the Joseon Dynasty — 1% versus us.  The traditional houses are off-limits, but the interior is position to explain the lives of old Korean traditions.  There is a tea house that’s opened to the public, so we common people could feel like a 1%er for a few hours.  It’s a bit disappointing cause I take trips to forget about being poor and the last thing I need is a reminder of my economic status in a foreign country.  I can get that when I check my bank account after coming home.

The pond inside the village
The pond inside the village

Lastly, Namsangol Hanok Village is a great place to visit in addition to the other palaces in Seoul — Gyeongbokgung.  The restored village brings back the past and it reminds me that I’m still poor in the present.  Only if I could have rich people problems like deciding whether to have caviar or foie gras for dinner.  That would be a good problem to have.

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