Myeong-dong & Seoul’s Shopping District

Myeong-dong is the younger sibling of Gangnam.  Gangnam is the upscale Seoul district made famous by Psy’s famous song.

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Myeong-dong and Gangnam are similar in that they’re both shopping districts.  Gangnam is the mature and more sophisticated sibling who knows better; Myeong-dong is the wilder and carefree sibling who is looking for some fun.  It’s matter of which a person prefers to hang out at.  It’s when my middle age uncle decided to buy a corvette and a pair of True Religion jeans cause he was having his mid-life crisis.  Okay.  It’s not like that.

Myeong-dong @ night

Myeong-dong is filled with things to do and see.  It’s lively at night with people roaming the narrow lane ways, filling their shopping bags, peaking at street food vendors, and whipping out the selfie sticks.  It didn’t happened unless it’s on social media, right?  Let me get my selfie stick and post my new relationship status on Facebook really quick.

Myeong-dong has a number of good restaurants serving some comfort Korean food.  Yoogane serves Dak Galbi, Gogung does bibimbap, and Choi-ssi Ajeossi serves army stew.  In addition, there are loads of street vendors frying up fried potatoes on a stick.  There plenty of coffee shops in the district for some late night coffee.   However, I’m not one of those Instagrammers.   I’m the annoying one who post food pictures to remind my followers what a cheeseburger looks like.

Myeong-dong during the day
Myeong-dong during the day

The shopping district has a lot of imports.  There is American Apparel and Adidas shops next to the local Korean brands.  There’s an abundant supply of accessories shops selling plush toys.  It’s the same plush toys people see at the fair.  It’s the same plush toys I used to buy at the county fair and pretend I won it for my high school sweetheart.  What can I say?  I was resourceful.

Myeong-dong is a great place to stop by while in Seoul.  It has everything a tourist needs to enjoy themselves.  The locals don’t even pay attention to you and they don’t judge you if you have a selfie stick.  I think they’re preoccupied with their attention crazy neighbor in the north.

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