Itaewon & Seoul’s Night Life

There is one thing I learned about Koreans in Seoul, South Korea.  They love to get shit faced.  

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No.  Seriously.  These motherfuckers love to get trash.  The Irish love to drink and so do the Aussies.  The French love their wines with their pinky finger raised.  The Americans love their whiskey while shooting guns in the air.  The Japanese love to drink so they could complain about their managers.  However, the Koreans love to drink on a daily basis until 4 AM in the morning as if they can walk into work smelling like alcohol.  It brings me to the realization that all my Korean friends are alcoholics.

Gaam Bar in Itaewon
Gaam Bar

Now, every city has their night life district.  New York has the Lower East Side and West Village.  Los Angeles has Sunset Blvd and Hollywood.  Dublin has Temple Bar.  Seoul has Itaewon.  It’s a district filled with local Koreans and Korean expats from the States.   I don’t understand why Los Angeles Koreans go back to Korea to live when they have K-Town.  It’s practically the same shit.

The Foxhole In Itaewon, Seoul
The Foxhole

Itaewon is absolutely a fun district.  The locals are pretty easy going.,  The locals are there for the same reason as you are, which is to get trashed.   It’s like Dublin’s Temple Bar area but on a larger scale.  It’s a mile strip with bars after bars and people truly living it up.  I thought I’ve been to some parties in my life but Itaewon was on another level.  It’s wildly insane.

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