Seoul’s Olympic Park & A Day Of Sculptures

Seoul was the host of the Olympics in 1988.  It’s nearly 30 years ago and the city has re-purpose the park.  

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Every major city in the world has it’s major park.  Sydney has the Royal Botanic Gardens.   Melbourne has Royal Botanic Gardens too.  New York has Central Park.  Chicago has Millennium Park.  Los Angeles has I-hope-you-can-find-a-place-to park.  Seoul is no different.

Seoul’s Olympic Park was built to host the 1988 Summer Olympics.  Now, it’s overrun by the locals doing absolutely nothing.  It’s a kind of lifestyle I wish I could afford.  Unfortunately, the only way I could do that is to get fired from my job then apply for unemployment.  The only issue with is it doesn’t pay well enough for me to support my french fries habit.

Olympic Park is filled with sculptures, sporting facilities, non-sporting facilities and endless romantic walks for a lonely soul like mine.   It has everything a park needs like endless amounts of trees and walkways where you could get lost.  There are couples everywhere and it makes being a solo traveler hard.  However, it makes me realized that I can afford more trips cause I’m not paying for anyone else.  Yeah, that moment of depression didn’t last too long.

Seoul Olympic Park Rose Garden
Seoul Olympic Park Rose Garden

There’s a man-made lake about a 100 yards away from the World Peace Gate.  The iconic World Peace Gate is a great photo opportunity and the selfie sticks were being pulled out like me at the bar when I’ve had to many drinks.  In addition, there’s the Rose Plaza sitting on the other side of the park.  Why would any boyfriend need to go to a florist to buy flowers when they can use scissors at Olympic Park?

It’s one of the significant landmarks in Seoul.  It’s worth the visit if you could withstand all the couples with the girlfriends screaming “Stop following me or I’m going to call the cops on you!”  All I can say is there is no love greater than the love of a stalker.

Olympic Park Seoul South Korea
Olympic Park Seoul South Korea
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