Destination: Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is one of Australia’s most popular cities.  It sits on the Southern part of the continent.  Hence, down under.

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Melbourne is filled with things to do.  The city is famous for its hidden lane ways; it was something Beijing was known for until its recent modernization projects.  Melbourne’s laneways is filled with a collective of different things.  Some of them contain restaurants, shops, and others are filled with street murals.  In addition, the city has an array of different architecture to glaze upon from its Victorian structures to more contemporary buildings.  Who gives a flying fuck about all that?  Where are all the bars?

 The view of the Yarra River
The view of the Yarra River

Melbourne has bars up and down the South Wharf Promenade.  In addition, the DeGraves and Centre Place hidden laneways are a good place to start day drinking.  There’s practically a bar on every other street in Melbourne like there’s coke heads in Lower East Side Manhattan in the 1980s.  It’s a pretty amazing place to drink.

There’s the hipster hub of Fitzroy for those who are into mustaches and fanny packs.  There’s the Melbourne Museum and National Victoria Gallery for those who like to look at old shit.  There’s the Carlton Gardens and Royal Botanic Gardens for those who like to sit on their asses all days.  Lastly, there are restaurants on every street in the city for those who like to stuff their face with unnecessary calories.

Downtown Melbourne
Downtown Melbourne

Melbourne is a great place to visit.  There’s good amount of things to do as a tourist.  Check out our quick Melbourne lists and guides:

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The view of Southbank
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