Tips About Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is a city with a lot to do.  In addition, it’s a fairly easy city to navigate the city.

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There are a lot of options to get to the City Center, which include a taxis, shuttle buses and public transportation.  The prices differ depending on the number of people in your party or a solo traveler.  The fastest way to get to the city from Melbourne Airport (MEL) would to take a taxi or shuttle bus.  It’s about 30 minutes from the airport depending on traffic and it costs about $60 AUD.   The other option would be to take the Skybus express, which operates 24/7 and runs every 10 minutes.  It costs $19 AUD one way and $37 AUD for round-trip.  It doesn’t include alcohol.

Downtown Melbourne
Downtown Melbourne

Within the city, Melbourne uses a Myki card.  It’s their  public transportation card and costs about $6 AUD online.  However, it’s also sold at Terminal 4 at the Melbourne Airport.  The public transportation route would take the longest to get to the city averaging about an hour and fifteen minutes.  That’s a lot of time wasted not being at the pub.

In my opinion, it would make more sense to take a taxi if you are traveling with 3 or more people.  It’s cheaper and faster to get to the city; however, it’ll be cheaper to take the SkyBus if you’re traveling alone.  Lastly, the public transportation route would be the cheapest if you have time on your hands.  I personally don’t like taking public transportation right when I get off a plane in a new city.  I like to get to my hotel to unload my luggage and unwind then take public transportation around the city to the nearest pub.

Information on transportation:

Myki card

Skybus Express

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