Bull Run

Bull Run is a little hip venue for coffee and tea.   It’s not located in Fitzroy either.  

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I decided to stop by after my breakfast at Cumulus Inc.  I had a cup of coffee at Cumulus, but their coffee wasn’t cutting it for me.  I need at least 10 shots of espresso then another 10 injected into my vein.  Unfortunately, Bull Run found it unsanitary to inject it into my veins, so I just opted for the espresso shots in my coffee.

Bull Run Melbourne
Bull Run Melbourne

The coffee was fairly priced.  It definitely woke me up and had a good kick to it.  It appears to be a spot for the corporate yuppies in the morning cause the hipsters don’t get up until noon.  The service was courteous and fast.  They had my coffee out within a few minutes and I was on my way to Yarra Valley and Marysville.   What makes it more cool?  It’s right next to AC/DC lane.

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