Melbourne: Father’s Office & Afternoon Drinks

Father’s Office is another bar in Melbourne.   A bar in Australia?  What a surprise?  I know.  

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I used to live in West Los Angeles.  This location made me think of the popular Father’s Office in Santa Monica and Culver City that is considered one of the best burgers in Los Angeles.  However, it’s definitely not the same.  The menu is limited but the beer selection is robust.  It’s a cool spot to take a break in the middle of Downtown Melbourne.

The view of Father's Office in Melbourne
The view of Father’s Office in Melbourne

The beers are pretty cheap.  There’s a cool breeze during the first week of December aka Summer for Aussies.  However, I couldn’t determine whether it was a cool breeze or the fan next to me.  There’s a patio that overlooks the library and college students pretending to study.  However, there wasn’t enough drunk ones like the ones I remember at my Alma Mater.  The kids would attend class with beers in hand.

Anyway, it’s a cool chill bar to stop by to do some day drinking and afternoon pissing.

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