Melbourne’s QV

QV is an interesting mall.  It’s short for Queen Victoria.  

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There’s a parking structure with like 50 spots only.  Yeah, I know.  What would happened if Victoria’s Secret had a sale?.  It’s not much of a parking structure but it’s free if you get your ticket validated.  There isn’t many shops and the food court doesn’t have many options.  The shops are mainly boutiques. 

The elevator in case you never seen one

However, it’s a modern shopping center and the architectural design is fairly modern.  It seems to be filled with college students on their Apple laptops pretending to study like that young lady in the feature image.  However, I walked by  a few of them and notice they were on Facebook.  In addition, there’s a lot of good looking people walking around naked, streaking through the quad, and yelling ‘Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!’.  They provide free wifi.

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