Fitzroy Is Melbourne’s Hipster Hub

Fitzroy Is Melbourne’s Hipster Hub.  The place has all the characteristics of a hipster hub.

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The characteristics include men with curly mustaches, skinny jeans and fanny packs.  The curly mustaches are usually a dead giveaway among fashionably incline men.  The facial hair on top of endless seas of coffee shops filled with instruments that aren’t used regular or come close to the obscure music playing in the background.  Come on.  You don’t have to tell me 10x that you’ve been listening to Taylor Swift before she became mainstream.

Fitzroy Panorama
Fitzroy Panorama

Melbourne is a major city like every other city in the world.  What makes you think they would be any different?  New York has Williamsburg, Los Angeles has Silverlake, and Portland has the Pearl District, Shanghai has Moganshan Lu, and Melbourne has Fitzroy.   However, the only different thing about Fitzroy is there isn’t enough coffee shops playing obscure music or Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Fitzroy has some notable things to do and places to eat where you could go to fill your Instagram with Polaroid shots.  Here is a quick list:

Fitzroy Panorama view
Fitzroy Panorama view

However, all joking aside, Fitzroy is an interesting area to visit while in Melbourne.  It’s a few steps from some of Melbourne’s landmarks and a great place to go if you need some coffee with some obscure music.  It’s Starbucks before they sold out.  The area is filled with many dining options, street art and retail shops to fill all your fanny pack needs.

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