Emerald Lake Park & Australia’s Country Side

Emerald Lake is situated in Australia’s country side.  It’s about two hours from Melbourne.

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The good thing about Victoria, Australia, is the array of things someone could do while visiting.  Australia has a little bit of everything for everyone.  The hustle and bustle of Melbourne, Port Campbell’s landscape, Yarra Valley’s Rain Forest, and Emerald Lake’s countryside.  The best part of the country side is the breathtaking views like this picture.

Emerald Lake, Melbourne, Australia

Emerald Lake is a different story.  There’s a lake and a small town. It’s not like I never seen a lake but that’s pretty much it.  It would have been great to see a Loch Ness type of monster.  It would have been epic for me to pull out my lightsaber and bring the monster down right there while my cousin capture it with his GoPro.  However, that didn’t happened and there isn’t much happening here except me pissing in the lake.  I know.  Americans.

Emerald Lake Country side
Emerald Lake Country side
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