SkyHigh Mount Dandenong & Cloudy Days

SkyHigh is an observation deck in Australia. How high?  SkyHigh! 

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Mount Dandenong Observation Deck
Mount Dandenong Observation Deck

The SkyHigh Mount Dandenong has two viewing decks to see Australia.  There’s a big chair on the lawn and cost $5 to get in.  There’s a cafe to eat.  There’s not much to say except for you to check out the pictures.  It’s a bit of a drive from Melbourne but worth it if the clouds aren’t in the way like someone standing up in front of you at the movies.

SkyHigh Mount Dandenong Observation Deck #1
The Observation Deck #1

The only excitement I got from SkyHigh was waiting for the guy in the gallery below to get attacked by a peacock, so I could scream “WOOORLDSTAR”.  However, no such thing happened.  I left SkyHigh feeling sad and depressed until I realized it was almost dinner time.  With that said, SkyHigh is definitely worth the visit.

Mount Dandenong
Mount Dandenong’s View
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