The Merrywell & The Crown Casino

The Merrywell is located in the Crown Casino.  It’s a little restaurant/bar that serves alcohol. 

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I know it seems kind of trendy for a bar to sell alcohol these days.  However, it’s totally innovative and pushes the envelope.  We came here after dinner at Rosetta on the recommendation of my cousin.  He mentioned it’s a pretty awesome spot to get drinks and he and his ‘mates’ come there often.   He lost my attention after drinks.

The drink prices were a bit higher than usual for the amount of alcohol being distributed to my vien from the IV.  However, the beers were fairly cheap and the patio view definitely made up for the price of having the alcohol directly injected into my viens.   There are pillars where it spits out fire.  I felt I was in an Indiana Jones movie.

Merrywell drinks
Merrywell drinks

Overall, it’s a very chill spot to enjoy a few drinks.  It overlooks the Yarra river and Melbourne’s Skyline.  There are torches along the patio that light up every 20 minutes and adds an interesting vibe to the patio.  It’s like when you accidentally bite into a pepper.  It’s a pleasant surprise if you don’t catch on fire.

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