National Gallery Of Victoria

National Gallery Of Victoria appears to be a fairly small museum when compared to the Met or MoMA in New York or LACMA in Los Angeles. 

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Now, I don’t usually go into museums cause I think it’s a waste of time.  I rather spend my time in more productive places like the bar versus getting cultured.  Why get cultured when you could get plastered?  I don’t know anyone who has ever said, “Remember that one time we went to the museum and we had such a good time?  What a memorable night!”

National Gallery Of Victoria
Pano shot of the National Gallery Of Victoria

With that said, I usually walk by to check out the architecture cause I’m a big fan of architecture.   The National Gallery was a bit dull when compared to the rest of Melbourne’s Victorian and Artsy architecture.  It’s like the red-headed step child.   It came out of nowhere and you’re kind of stuck with them.

National Gallery Of Victoria
The lawn area around National Gallery Of Victoria

Lastly, the NGV isn’t too far from Fed Square, so it wouldn’t too much of an inconvenience to visit.  However, don’t come back complaining to me about how fun it was when I told you to spend your time getting plastered versus getting cultured.  You’re on vacation.  You’re supposed to do things you regret not doing things to stimulate your mind.

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