Issus & Melbourne’s Hidden Laneways

Issus is tucked away in one of the many Hidden Laneways of Melbourne on Centre Place.  It’s a shop no bigger than a Subway shop. 

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It serves cold beers for cheap, the staff is nice, the seats are comfortable and there is a cool breeze.  It’s an open shop with seating on Centre Place.  It’s a great spot to sit, drink beers and watch the world go by.  They were playing Otis Redding’s Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay in the background.

Issus on Centre Place
Issus on Centre Place

It was the perfect song for my moment of relaxation except there was no dock, no bay and no body of water within 10 feet.  Well, there were puddles of piss from drunk Aussies, so I guess we could conclude that there was no dock or bay.  However, Issus is a perfect place to relax in one of Melbourne’s many hidden laneways.  It was definitely memorable.

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