Emporium & Melbourne Malls

Emporium is a fairly new shopping center in Melbourne.  It’s a few years old as of this blog entry. 

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When I visited, everything was new in the mall.  The shops, the food court, and the smell.  It smelled like fresh construction.  How does fresh construction smell like?  Dust and wood.  However, it wasn’t enough to turn away the consumerism slaves.

I personally visited Emporium for the Lonsdale store and to pick up some gifts for my baby sister.  The Lonsdale store had UCLA gear, which I found a bit weird.  I’m not the greatest at Google Maps but isn’t UCLA located in West LA in California?!?  I could be wrong but I’m pretty positive because I used to live a few blocks from UCLA.

 Some guy who is balding
Some guy who is balding (i.e., my cousin)

However, the retail staff said Lonsdale bought the UCLA brand and that’s why they carried UCLA stuff.  Interesting… It makes me want to punch every Aussie in the face for Fox News and Julian Assange’s antics.  Why do Aussies always have to meddle with America affairs?  “Oi, you pull your head in!”  Actually, never mind.  Londales is British.  Carry on, Aussies.

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