Flinders Street Railway Station & Downtown Melbourne

Flinders Street Railway Station is definitely pretty sight to see when you’re across from it.  It definitely has it’s charm. 

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However, I don’t think it’s as spectacular as New York’s Grand Central Terminal.  There’s a large amount of people walking through it but it’s not the same amount as Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station or Shibuya Crossing.   The colors are yellowish with it’s old Victorian glass dome.  It’s looks like the alcohol gods took a piss on it after a long night of binge drinking in Australia.

The station lights up at night and makes it more aesthetically pleasing to look at.  It’s like how someone looks a little more attractive after a few drinks at the bar.  Feel me?  Anyway, it’s definitely worth a stop for a photo opportunity and to say you were here.  Final verdict?  I like it as much as a prostitute likes a herpes outbreak.

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