Crown Casino & Melbourne

It’s a casino in Southbank.  How do I know about Crown Casino? 

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My Australian uncle told me about it.  How does he know about it?  Well, he lived in Melbourne all his life and he’s Asian.  What does being Asian have to do with it?  Cause Asians love to gamble.  Shake Em Up, Shake Em!  I take that back.  I don’t cause I’m cheap.

Is it a spectacular casino?  It’s not bad.  It’s no Vegas with all the obnoxious kids walking who just turned 21 screaming “I LOVE VEGAS!” It’s definitely not as outlandishly lavish and tacky like Macau casino.  However, it’s definitely a couple of steps up from the Indian reservation casinos we have in California.  There was a big Christmas tree in the lobby as you entered the Casino.  The odds on the games weren’t bad for Roulette and I walked away a winner.  What can I say?  All I do is win win win.  Winner winner chicken dinner.

Overall, I only gamble when I’m in Vegas and I usually don’t lose.  However, there isn’t much for me to criticize about Crown Casino cause I walked away with some cash in my pocket.  If I loss money, that would have been a different story.  I would have been playing the media for my own stupidity like Trump.  SAD!

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