AC/DC Lane & Melbourne’s Rock Laneway

AC/DC Lane is another of Melbourne’s many hidden laneways.   This laneway is dedicated to the legendary rock band as the name suggests. 

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It’s not as spectacular as Union Lane or Hosier Lane.  However, it’s still worth the visit.  The laneway is a lot shorter than Union Lane and Hosier Lane by a long shot.  However, the art work makes up for what it lacks in size.  That’s not always the case in life.  Don’t believe women when they say size doesn’t matter.

AC/DC Lane
AC/DC Lane

There are numerous art work along the brick wall and a sign that says “AC/DC Lane”.  You know you’re kind of a big deal when a street is named or dedicated to you.  Unfortunately, I’m not a big deal and that’s why I run this blog site for my own entertainment.  There’s a huge mural of an elephant.  The other wall of the lane is cover in promotional posters and other works of art.

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