Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building & Victorian Architecture

Royal Exhibition Building (REB) is located in Carlton Gardens.  It’s a pretty old building and you can’t really tell it’s age by the upkeep. 

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It’s kind of like how Instagram filters have made everyone look like a ghost.  I was expecting some guards who don’t move or make any facial expressions but there was none for my entertainment.  Wait… I’m thinking of Buckingham Palace and England.  Holy shit!  Damn it!  I meant to visit England not Australia… FML.


Anyway, REB is right next to the Melbourne Museum and it’s a great display of vintage versus modern architecture.  It’s such a great contrast and you really get to see how the society has evolved.  Unfortunately, we, men, have not evolve and still act like immature children. Well, at least, I do.

Lastly, it’s definitely worth checking out and you could see four landmarks (i.e., REB, Melbourne Museum, Fitzroy and Carlton Gardens) within a 1 mile radius.  I was going end this entry with ‘Aussie Aussie Aussie. Oi Oi Oi!’ but I’m from California so it’s going to be ‘Westside.’

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