Melbourne Museum & Australian Architecture

Melbourne Museum is a fine piece of architecture next to a Victorian piece of architecture.  It’s definitely worth the visit.  

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The front has a big Melbourne Museum plastered over it, so it’s kind of hard to miss.  In addition, the whole front is made out of glass.  The structure is very modern and contemporary.  There are steel rods holding up the panels to the left and right of the entrance. It’s definitely one of the better looking museums I’ve ever seen.

Panoramic of Melbourne Museum
Panoramic of Melbourne Museum

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to go in but totally judging my experience on superficiality.  It’s like romanticizing about dating a really hot model but you know nothing about them.  They could be beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside.  Come on, now.  Don’t act like you never dated someone based off of their looks.

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