Carlton Gardens & Relaxation

The Carlton Gardens is the Hipster version of the Royal Botanic Gardens.  It’s the Hipsters’ answer to NYC’s Central Park, Chicago’s Millennium Park, and Sydney’s Royal Botanical Garden. 

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Is a great park?  It’s a bit interesting vibe.  The Melbourne Museum and the Royal Exhibition Building is located on one side of the park; the other side is filled with hipsters sunbathing.  However, there are random people strolling through park or just wasting their day.  There’s definitely places were you could just sit and watch hipsters be.. well…hipsters.  Does it have Central Park or Millennium Park’s charisma?  Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Panoramic of Melbourne Museum
Panoramic of Melbourne Museum

I definitely enjoyed the fine pieces of architecture of Melbourne Museum and the Exhibition Building.  It’s a block from Fitzroy and Fitzroy is the main hipster hub of Melbourne, which could explain the unusual amount of hipsters in the park.   There wasn’t much to the Carlton Gardens except a bunch of random people sitting around.  I would recommend it as a place to take break from all your walking in Fitzroy and laughing at hipsters.

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